Afrika Korps Article List

style='font-size:12.0pt'>FIRE & MOVEMENT Magazine
F&M #10
Foxes in the Desert: A Game Survey of the Desert War: Warren G. Williams (Review)
F&M #60
World War II Anthology: Chapter 1: The Mediterranean Theater: Vance von Borries (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.1, #1
Can the British Really Win in Afrika Korps
Contest #1
Afrika Korps: Sea Movement
General Vol.1, #2
You're Not Reading the Rules
Afrika Korps - Rules Supplement
Play Balance for Afrika Korps: Victor Madeja
General Vol.1, #3
Sink Some African Sands: Victor Madeja
Absurdity of Afrika Korps: Jon Perica
General Vol.1, #4
Afrika Korps - Tactics of Isolation: Carl Knabe
General Vol.1, #5
Afrika [sic] Korps � Replayed
General Vol.1, #6
A Critique - Afrika Korps Replayed
9 December 1940: Albert Nofi
Play-by-Mail Table for Afrika Korps
General Vol.2, #1
Tactics and Strategy: David Whiskeyman
General Vol.2, #2
Tactics on Afrika Korps: John Finch
General Vol.2, #4
A New German Approach to Afrika Korps: Jared Johnson
General Vol.2, #6
Basic German Strategy in Afrika Korps: James Tribolet
General Vol.3, #1
Basic Allied Strategy in Afrika Korps: Frank Russell
Raiding Rommel: Jim Epperson
General Vol.3, #3
Rommel Rides Again: Allen Wood
General Vol.3, #4
Across the Sands: Bill Stone
Operation Oasis: Chris Meagher
General Vol.3, #6
Major Battles and Campaigns;Libya and Egypt, 1940-42: James Tribolet
General Vol.4, #1
Rommel's Thrust � 1941: Doug Cragoe
General Vol.4, #2
German Strategy in Afrika Korps: Mark Rosenberg
General Vol.4, #5
Afrika Korps and the Attrition Table: Brooke Duvall
General Vol.5, #4
Best Allied Defense - an Aggressive German: Lee Mathews
General Vol.5, #5
The Real Afrika Korps: Robert Olson
General Vol.5, #6
The Road to Alexandria: Daniel Lee
Brains vs Brawn: William Searight
All or Nothing? Hardly: Bill Quinn
General Vol.7, #4
D.A.K: William Searight
General Vol.8, #2
Contest #44
General Vol.8, #3
Afrika Korps Thesis: Tom Hazlett
General Vol.9, #1
Tobruch: William Searight
General Vol.9, #4
A Southern Strategy: Larry Baggett
General Vol.9, #5
Contest #53
General Vol.10, #4
Operation Crusader: Robert Garbisch
General Vol.10, #5
Contest #59
Series Replay: Afrika Korps
General Vol.11, #3
Contest #62
General Vol.11, #5
A Decade With Das Afrika Korps: O.DeWitt
General Vol.12, #4
Series Replay: Afrika Korps: T.Hazlett, B.Libby, Burdick
General Vol.12, #5
The Paleveda Gambit: A New British Gambit For Afrika Korps: J.Lockwood
General Vol.13, #5
Series Replay: Afrika Korps: T.Hazlett, R.Beyma, D.Burdick (Replay)
General Vol.14, #1
Competitional Afrika Korps: Dave Roberts
General Vol.15, #5
Another Afrika Korps Gambit, Strategy: 15, Stephen S. Packwood
General Vol.16, #2
K.O. in Round Five..., Strategy, 22, Or Give Up the Home Base? Never, Never, Never!: Frank Preissle
General Vol.17, #3
Afrika Korps Theory - A Tournament Player's View of AFRIKA KORPS: J.Lockwood
General Vol.18, #1
Face Lift for a Classic Beauty, Analysis, 27, A Tour of a Revised Afrika Korps Rules: Frank Preissle
General Vol.18, #2
Desert Deception, Variant, 12, A Hidden Movement Variant for Afrika Korps: Richard Gutenkunst
General Vol.18, #3
Operation Torchlighter, Strategy, 22, The End Game in Afrika Korps: Frank Preissle
General Vol.18, #4
Back To Basics, Strategy, 42, Basic German Alternatives in Afrika Korps: Robert Beyma
General Vol.22, #1
Operation Compass, Variant, 35, A Variant for Afrika Korps: Arnold Blumburg
General Vol.25, #3
Upgunning an Old Warrior, Variant, 21, Afrika Korps For Everybody: Rich Gutenkunst
QUESTION BOX; 6-6, 7-3, 7-4, 9-6, 10-2, 11-6, 12-1, 22-2
Jagdpanther #7
The Rommel Fantasy (Variant)
KG�s in AKorps: Jim Brown
MOVES Magazine
Moves #5
Realistic Afrika Korps: (Variant)
OUTPOST Magazine
Hardcore Afrika Korps: (Variant)
Realistic Afrika Korps: (Variant) (same as Moves article � see above)
Issues unknown for these 3 articles
Shortcomings of AK: Chuck Lane (Critique)
Afrika Korpse: Tom Hazlett
The Afrika Korps Thesis: Tom Hazlett
Panzerfaust #44
Afrika Korps II: Chuck Lane (Variant)
Panzerfaust #47
Afrika Korps II, Part 2: Chuck Lane (Variant)
Panzerfaust #54
Prelude to Afrika Korps: Robert W. Garbisch (Historical)
Simulating the Desert War: Confessions of a Frustrated War Gamer: J. E. Pournelle (Analysis/Historical)
Panzerschreck #1
Short Takes: End Game Scenario for Afrika Korps: B. Shatner (Variant)
The Tobruch Dilemma: Harley Anton
Issue #4
Montgomery's Maulers: Strategy for Afrika Korps: H. Anton (Strategy)
Gazala 1942 (Variant)
SICL Championships: Game replays of Afrika Korps (Replay)
Issue #10
Review: Afrika Korps (Review)
S&T #2
AHIKS on AK: (Variant from KOMMANDEUR magazine)
S&T #10
Afrika Korps (Modified): John Schaefer (Variant)
S&T #17
Afrika Korps in HO: E.Mohrmann
S&T #23
Campaign Analysis: North Africa 1940-42, Part III: Afrika Korps: A.Nofi
GAGE Review (Afrika Korps): Jim & John Flanagan
S&T #40
PanzerArmee Afrika and the War in the Desert, June 1940-December 1942: Albert A. Nofi (Historical)
S&T Supp #11
Campaign Analysis ... North Africa 1940-42; the British Army; a British soldier comments (LTC Henry A. Radice)
Wargamer Vol.1 #3
De-Briefing: Afrika Korps; J. Hind (Review)
Functional Unit Differences in AK
Magazines and issues unknown for the following:
German Strategy for Afrika Korps: Tom Ryan
British Defense in Afrika Korps: Tim Tilson
Africa 1940-42: Bruce Gletty (Variant)