GD'40 Training Scenario

Here is a written form (in TCS format) of the training scenario we extrapolated from scenario 1 of GD40. It is playable in one evening.It voluntarily adds one more turn of night to allow a little apprenticeship of night combat.

Arnaud ([email protected])

Scenario 4.5 Is Stonne burning ?

First turn: 0300 15 May
Last turn: 0640 15 May (10 turns)
Map Area: All

French Information:

Set up:

1-3-205 RI: anywhere south of xx.25, inclusive.
2-3-205 RI, 3-3-205 RI, 3xFCM36 tanks of 4 BCC: w/i2 any hex of Stonne.

Artillery:1-I-78 4x75mm
Ammunition: 10 HE, 3 smoke, 3 Illum.


No Prepared Defenses are allowed at start.

German Information:

Set up:

II-GD: along road north of point 235, inclusive.
1st company of Stu.Pio 43, 16-IV GD, a third of 14-IV GD (4x37mm AT gun, 2xtruck),a third of 13-IV GD (2x75mm Inf Guns, 1xtruck): along road north of point 235, inclusive.

Artillery:1-I-73 4x105mm
Ammunition: 8 HE, 4 smoke, 4 Illum.

Victory Determination:

The player that holds (by actual occupation) the greater number of hexes of Stonne at the end of the game is the winner.

Special rules:

  1. Don't roll for weather. Weather is normal for the whole scenario.

  2. Starting with the 0500 hours turn, the German player roll once for both sides' air support on the following table :

    One die
    1.....No sorties
    2.....1x Ju87
    3.....1x Ju87, 2 x Bf109
    4.....2x Ju87, 3x Bf109
    5.....1x Ju 87, 1x Br 691
    6.....2x MS406, 2 x Br 691