First Blood - the Guadalcanal Campaign

Designer's Introduction

If you are new to the world of board wargames I hope you will enjoy trying out FIRST BLOOD: THE GUADALCANAL CAMPAIGN. This wargame is fairly simple with a small number of units and is considered an introductory level game, suitable for beginners. Simply print out all the different materials, assemble the map and cut out the counters (the units). The best way to do this is to print them out on sticky back or label paper if you have any available and then attach it to a piece of heavy cardstock such as you might find inserted as a protection for photo paper. Then VERY carefully use an exacto knife to SLOWLY cut the inidividual unit counters apart- be sure to practice on a nonprinted area first. Then set all the counters on their corresponding places on the Set Up Chart and you're ready to go. Expect to miss a few things or make some mistakes in your first game or two- everybody does. Even us old GROGNARDS who have been playing for years do it when we play a new game we've bought.

Feel free to share it with your friends- have them make a copy themselves. Even if you live far away from each other, FIRST BLOOD was designed to be able to be played by mail, so you can play it with friends across the country or across the globe. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you will better understand a lot of the terms spoken of other places on GROGNARDS, Consimworld and other wargame websites on the Net.

AHIKS is a group of wargamers that play our wargames by regular mail and e-mail and have been doing so since 1966. We invite you to attend the WORLD BOARDGAMING CHAMPIONSHIPS event held every year in Baltimore, MD which is put on by the BOARDGAME PLAYERS ASSOCIATION. The WBC is the Official AHIKS Convention of choice and many of the events are run by AHIKSers. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to discover the world of wargaming in all its splendor. There are probably regional wargaming conventions being held near you- look them up and attend one. You will find this to be a very rewarding hobby that will keep your mind sharp and enhance your appreciation of history.

Sincerely, Chester E. Hendrix

Game Components

This game was orginally published in issue number 6 of volume 26 of the AHIKS (Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society) Kommandeur, which was AHIK's Silver Anniversary volume in December 1991. It was subsequently republished after major development in Strategy and Tactics number 178 by Decision Games. The original AHIKS version is now available for free download - see the copyright statement below.

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Copyright Declaration

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> From: "chester"
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> Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 7:36 PM
> Subject: original FIRST BLOOD
>> Greetings- Chester here >>
>> I would like to ask permission to have the original dtp version of
>> FIRST BLOOD (as published by AHIKS and myself) posted as a free
>> download on Alan Poulter's website GROGNARDS. It is an excellent
>> introductory wargame I feel would benefit the hobby. I have approached
>> Alan (confidentially-this is just between you, me and him) and he is
>> keen on the idea. While dtp FB is radically different than the redo
>> that appeared in S&T, I don't feel comfortable offering it for free
>> without your approval. The plan is to put it on GROGNARDS in such a >> way
>> that the original artwork and game as it was printed in THE KOMMANDEUR
>> can be printed out by anybody with a printer and played as an
>> introduction to the Wide Wonderful World Or Board Wargames. Alan will
>> put a link to the official AHIKS webpage and would put one there also
>> for S&T magazine (I plan to ask him to put one there for the WBC and
>> MONSTERCON as well). If you say OK, we're on our way. I feel we need a
>> few giveaway games out there that have more than 40 counters. Putting
>> one up on the web hopefully will be a step in the right direction
>> (possibly even inspiring somebody else to do another one!). If you
>> say no, this all ends right here without further discussion. No harm,
>> no foul.
>> Your thoughts?
>> Your Buddy, Chester
> From: "christopher Cummins" 
> Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:39:52 AM US/Pacific
> To: "chester"
> Subject: Re: original FIRST BLOOD
> Chester,
> Your plan sounds fine. Please proceed.
> Sincerely,
> Doc