Updated: July 25, 2001

This FAQ is based on questions and responses on Avalon Hill’s electronic message boards hosted at www.delphi.com/avalonhill . 

This FAQ is maintained at http://communities.msn.com/risk2210 .



General FAQ




How can I contact Hasbro to get replacement 8-siders that were missing in the game?

Call the phone number in the back of the rulebook during business hours.  (Rob – AH)

What the yellow squares are on the scorecard?

When playing standard Risk, the yellow squares show you how much the next set of cards will be worth.   (Rob – AH)

What are the 9 blank cards for? 

The rules state that the 9 blank cards will be explained later, however, they aren’t.

There should have been a piece of paper in the game (separate from the rules) explaining how they work.

In short: make up your own command cards if you like and mix them in with the rest. (Rob –AH)

What does Iceland GRC stand for?


Iceland GRC = Iceland Genetic Research Center
(Rob – AH)

Is there a story behind Risk 2210 and why wasn’t included in the rules?

I have a whole story in my head as to why all the territories are named why they are.

It was going to go in the rulebook but it was more important to put the rules to Classic Risk in instead. Don't worry, the story will emerge sometime.


Hint: This was started because three people, from three countries, wanted to STOP all wars.   (Rob –AH)


Winning the game: the rules say something like "at the end of year 5...each player, in turn order..." 

Does this mean each player adds up the territories they control after their own turn in year 5?  Or that everyone, in the order in which they played during year 5, counts up their score after the last person has taken their turn?  And does this give an advantage to the player who goes last?


You only score at the end of the game, not on the end of your turn.

Yes, this _usually_ gives the last player an advantage, so keep that in mind when managing your energy turn 4.  (Rob –AH)




Energy FAQ




Can you stockpile energy to save it up for later in the game?
(i.e., not spend it all each turn/year)

Any energy not spent is saved for the next year.
(Craig – AH)

Can I collect energy for the bonus MODs my Space Station gives on the Collect and Deploy MODs & Energy Phase?

No.  Only Territory’s count towards the amount of energy received during that phase.  (Rob –AH)



Attack & Defense FAQ




Can you MOD’s be lost first before commanders on ATK/DEF rolls when you used the commander’s 8-sided die roll?

You can ALWAYS choose a MOD as a casualty, even when rolling commander dice (8-siders).

Rolling an 8-sider when attacking only means that you must move that commander into the new territory if you win.

Rolling an 8-sider does not put your commander at risk, unless you don't have MODs to protect him.   (Rob – AH)


Command Cards FAQ




Can you spend energy to purchase cards from the various command decks, and then hang on to them for later use?
(i.e., not play them all on the same turn you bought them)

Any cards not played on the turn you buy them can be used in later years.
(Craig – AH)

Can you play more than one Stealth Mod Card on an invasion to your territory?

Yes, as well as other defense cards.
(Rob –AH)

Can I play them during each Invasion to my territory?

Yes, that is legal as well. Every time someone attacks (rolls dice) it is a 'new' invasion.

Therefore, you can play a card like Stealth MODs between every dice roll if you like. (Rob –AH)

Evacuation: does this work like fortifying (i.e. the clear path), or can you move the units literally to any territory under your control?

You can evacuate to any territory.  (Rob –AH)                                   


Territory FAQ



Can you move all your attackers into the captured territory and then attack another territory from there?

You can keep attacking. This is still part of your attack phase.
(Rob – AH)

Can a player earn more than one 3-territory Bonus per turn?

You collect only 1 energy and 1 card for the first 3 contested territories taken.  (Rob –AH)


The Classic Risk board has Ontario and Greenland adjacent as well as East Africa and the Middle East. On many older Classic Risk boards, this is further clarified by dotted lines that connect them.


The new Risk 2210 A.D. board has changed the corresponding territories of Canada & Exiled States of America, and the Ministry of Djibouti & Middle East to appear no longer connected.

The Canada/Exiled connection was eliminated to make North America a bit easier to hold in 2210AD without seriously changing standard RISK. With the new connections into NA, we took one out.

I am not sure why we took out the Djibouti/ME connection but it is also gone.  (Rob –AH)