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[0.3]Abbreviations and Glossary
[0.4]The HASBRO buyout of TAHGC
[0.5]HASBRO/MMP Press Release (abbreviated)


This is v2.20, dated 1 January 2002.


2.20: First update in a VERY long time, so MANY things changed.

2.11: [11.35] Boulder Games Web address updated; [4.5] (GEnie)& [4.7] (AOL Club) Deleted (other sections renumbered accordingly); [7.2] Link for Toulouse Tourney deleted (no longer active); [10.0] Info on Bas' unofficial Q&A deleted (no longer active?); [11.35] Link to "other stores" deleted (MMP info updated); [6.1] Macintosh info updated; [4.6] VASL info updated; [8.1] added; [2.4] updated; [7.0] & [7.1] expanded; [7.2] reworded dramatically. It's almost impossible to keep this list up-to-date; [2.37] updated; [2.11] updated; [11.222] & [11.223] added; [11.201] expanded; [3.1] expanded and updated; [11.37] added; [4.1] updated (Virus alert etiquette added); [0.1] & [0.2] updated (third FAQ website removed as it wasn't being kept up-to-date); [0.3] minor updates, more cross-references; [0.5] most of MMP's original press release deleted to reduce space; [2.31] expanded (BRT & ABTF added, module dependency graph updated); new [2.36] added (PP) (following sections renumbered accordingly); [2.32] Annual & Journal info updated; [11.224] added; [2.33] expanded (AP2 info); [2.34] updated to include pointer to [8.1]; [2.37] updated; [11.15] updated; [11.211] updated; [11.33(ii)] updated; [11.36] updated; [6.3] updated. (Nov 11, 1999)

2.1: Many changes, mostly due to the release of "Doomed Battalions" and the buyout of TAHGC. [11.33] updated; [11.36] updated; [0.1] updated (FAQ maintainer no longer has CompuServe account); [0.3] updated; [0.4] added; [2.31] updated (description of DB added); [2.32] updated; [2.34] updated; [2.36] wiped pending new info; [2.37] updated; [2.2] & [2.4] updated (replaced term "amateur" with "third-party"); [4.4] updated; [4.1] updated (info on WWW interface to ASLML added); [6.3] updated; [7.3] updated; [11.17] updated (Gurkhas can now do H-T-H too); [11.201] updated; [11.209] updated; [11.35] updated (TAHGC mail-order deleted, MMP mail-order added); [11.220] added; [11.221] added; [0.5] added; [10.1] updated. (Jan 16, 1999)

2.04: [11.218] added; [4.2] updated (new Digest editor); [0.1] New FAQ site added; [10.0] info on Scott Romanowski's compilation added; [2.34] updated (info on Classic ASL added); [2.36] updated (complete rewrite); [11.17] added; [11.219] added; [3.1] expanded; [4.9] More info on Zundel GAP and ASLAP, and SALSA info added; [2.31] updated (Partisan! info corrected); [8.0] rewritten to reflect demise of Record and creation of ROAR; [11.12] updated; [11.14] updated (ROAR replaces Record); [11.202] updated ('97 Annual Q&A); [11.205] expanded; [11.210] reworded; [11.215] expanded (reference to OBA chart errata). (May 9, 1998)

2.03: [8.0] Updated Will Scarvie's e-mail address; [11.33] expanded (thanks to Tom Huntington); [4.1] expanded (again thanks to Tom and Paul Ferraro); [5.1] a notation on the use of VASL for PBEM play; [11.211] some terminology corrected; [11.214] added; [11.35] Boulder Games address updated (again); [11.215] added; [11.216] added; [11.217] added; [2.32] updated; [0.1] and [0.2] updated. (Dec 5, 1997)

2.02: [11.35] TAHGC web-site info updated; [4.8] VASL info updated; [2.34] GENERAL info updated; new [4.3] (Index) section added (later sections renumbered accordingly); [11.208] (ITT CH) reworded slightly to correct minor terminology error; Pegasus Bridge info moved from Section [2.36] to [2.31]; [4.5] (GEnie) updated; [4.9] Work on GAP info started (needs lots more work still!). (May 11, 1997)

2.01: [11.36] expanded slightly; [11.35] New Boulder Games website address; [7.2] More info on Belgian tournaments; Section [4.2] & [4.9] added (following sections renumbered appropriately).

2.00: Complete update and rewrite by new FAQ maintainer (Jan 13, 1997)


This FAQ is intended to serve as a brief introduction to the boardgame ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER, produced by The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC). It also aims to provide pointers to many amateur resources available for the game, and to answer many common questions, both about the game as an entity, and some specific common rules questions.

This FAQ will be posted by the FAQ maintainer regularly to the ASLML, the newsgroup, and the web site Cross-posting of this FAQ to other online services and web pages of interest to ASL players is encouraged, so long as the contents are not altered and the FAQ is provided in full. Please let the FAQ maintainer know if you store this FAQ on your site.

The FAQ is currently available in HTML form at two sites. The first is at This is my site, and all feedback on it - content, presentation, etc - can be directed to me at [email protected] The second site is Skip Kreitz's, at Please do not direct queries about the FAQ content to Skip, but to me. Likewise, do not direct comments about Skip's site's presentation to me, but to Skip!

If you wish to host a copy of the FAQ on your website, feel free to do so. I would appreciate it if you could advise me if you do, so I can add your site to the list of available loctions, and advise you of updates as and when they occur. If you wish to translate it into another language, likewise do so, but again let me know so that players can be directed to your work.

Errata and suggestions for this FAQ are always welcome. Please contact the FAQ administrator at the address below.


This FAQ is currently maintained by N J Hickman ([email protected]). I took over from Bruce Probst in November 2001 and completed version 2.20, which he had made substantial progress on. I would like to acknowledge his prior stewardship of this document, and the excellent work he did on it. Bruce's version was based on a previous version of the FAQ that was maintained by Don Hancock, but which Bruce substantially updated and reorganised.

Much assistance and many important suggestions were given to the FAQ maintainer by the following individuals:

Ole Boe, Scott Brady, Paul Ferraro, Patrik Manlig, Tom Repetti, Matt Romey, Asad Rustum, Hennie van der Salm, Fritz Tichy, Tom Huntington.

Thanks to Skip Kreitz for maintaining a WWW FAQ site, and to others who have hosted a copy from time to time.

Thanks also are due to the miscellaneous members of the ASLML who have provided, and continue to provide, additional proof-reading and suggestions for this FAQ.

And finally thanks also to The Avalon Hill Game Company, Hasbro and MMP for producing "The Game". Where would we be without it?


The following terms may be of use for those not familiar with them:

ABS Australian Balance System. See [11.16].
ASLRB The ASL Rules Book. (Often referred to as "The Holy Tome", "The Word", etc.)
ASLRB2 The Second Edition of the ASLRB.
ASLML ASL Internet Mailing List. The online "discussion group". See [7.1].
CG Campaign Game. A series of scenarios played in sequence, usually using survivors of one scenario to determine the OB for the next. CG rules are usually integral parts of HASL modules.
COWTRA Taken from Don Greenwood's Introduction: "Concentrate On What The Rules Allow". Rule-of-thumb for interpreting the ASLRB.
DASL Deluxe ASL. ASL played on boards with very big hexes.
DTO Desert Theatre of Operations, i.e., the "desert rules" (also covers some of the Mediterranean and Steppe Terrain regions).
ETO European Theatre of Operations, i.e., the default ASL rules.
FTF Face-to-Face. Your opponent is sitting across from you, as opposed to PBEM.
Grognard "Old grumblers". Originally the term used by Napoleon to describe his veteran troops, who were habitual complainers, it's now applied to "veteran" wargamers (not just ASL players) -- you know, those "old fogeys" who remember way back when ....
HASBRO The mega-game-company that as of October 1998 is the new owner of TAHGC (and hence ASL).
HASL Historical ASL. Used to denote a module using a mapboard designed to recreate a specific battle, rather than using the generic geomorphic mapboards.
HS Historical Study (not be be confused with "half-squad"). See [2.33]
LOS Line of Sight
ML Morale Level
MMP Multi-Man Publishing. The group of ASL players (and longtime playtesters for TAHGC) that have been contracted by HASBRO to oversee all future ASL products.
OBA Off-Board Artillery
PBEM Play By E-Mail. Your opponent is on the other end of an electronic connection, as opposed to FTF.
PTO Pacific Theatre of Operations, i.e., the "jungle rules".
Q&A Questions and Answers. Rules clarifications from TAHGC/MMP.
SASL Solitaire ASL.
TAHGC The Avalon Hill Game Company, now a Hasbro affiliate.


In October 1998 the Hasbro corporation ( completed their purchase of TAHGC from the previous owners, Monarch-Avalon. Naturally enough, this purchase threw the ASL world into a chaos of uncertainty; what was the future of ASL likely to be under the new regime? Would there even BE a future?

Fortunately, it would appear that Hasbro are well aware of ASL's popularity, and Hasbro have announced that they will continue ASL in the same fashion as TAHGC did before it: namely, the third-party group MMP has been sub-contracted to produce new ASL material for publication by HASBRO. See [0.5] for more information.

Furthermore, if HASBRO is committed to producing new ASL material, logically it would follow that the older material needs to be kept in print. There may even be an opportunity to retrofit errata to older products.

On a more practical level, any references in this FAQ to "TAHGC" should be assumed to include an implicit understanding that TAHGC is actually now an affiliate of HASBRO, and that MMP are sub-contracted to HASBRO to produce new ASL material.

[0.5] HASBRO/MMP PRESS RELEASE (abbreviated)

(Released 15 Jan 1999)

MMP Partners With Hasbro's Avalon Hill Games For ASL

Multi-Man Publishing, LLC (MMP) is proud to announce its new exclusive association with Hasbro, Inc. to develop, produce, and distribute games and other products for Avalon Hill's Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) game system. Hasbro's purchase of the Avalon Hill line puts the undeniable resources of this industry giant squarely behind the ASL game system and combines with MMP's proven track record for developing quality ASL products to promise a ton of ASL fun this year and the years to come. We are truly thrilled about the prospects for ASL and for the other great games of Avalon Hill.
Product information is available at, and purchases can be made via, our web sites:
or via phone at: 410-519-4411
or via fax at: 410-519-4151
or e-mail at: [email protected]
or via mail at: MMP, PO Box 601, Gambrills MD 21054-0601

Contact us at through any of the above methods or e-mail us at: [email protected]