Their Finest Hour - 1/82 Edition

Errata, Fire & Movement #32

1. The British light antiaircraft battalion should have an antiaircraft
strength of 1.

2. In addition to the five counter sheets mentioned in the game
components listing, a partial counter sheet labeled "Correction
Counters" is also included in the game.	
3. The first print run of the game did not contain the sheet of
correction counters (seven Me-109E, one Me-110C and, for good measure,
18 fortification, airfield, and hit markers). 

1. British Order of Battle, Initial Forces. The coastal artillery
counter in hex 4533/11A should be 0-2-3, not 0-1-2 as listed. 

2. British Order of Battle, Royal Navy. Two antiaircraft cruisers, CLA
Cardiff and CLA Coventry, are available with the other Royal Navy
initial naval units.

3. British Order of Battle, Reinforcements. The listing of artillery
brigades available for activation should be:				

6 x 4-3-8 Artillery X	7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 1 (Canadian) 	

4. Victory Point Awards Table. The British player receives two victory
points for each terror bombing hit on Berlin, not London as listed
on the table. 

5. Antiaircraft Table. A roll of 5 on the 16+ column should be an	
R result. 	


1. Rule 11 - Support. A divisional headquarters unit has supporting
arms. It may provide support to other units in the same manner as
divisions, support groups, and artillery regiments provide support.

2. Rule 14 - Engineers. Damaged airbases may be repaired by engineers.
For every two MPs spent in the airbase's hex by an engineer, one hit of
damage is removed from the airbase.

3. Rule 41.C - Invasion. The British player receives 70 victory points
(not 50) for turning back an invasion attempt.

Optional Game Mechanics

Players wishing to add yet more detail to their games may use the
following optional rules.

1. Night Air Operations. The escort mission may not be flown at night.

2. Port Demolition. The British player may not demolish any port until
after the German player announces an invasion attempt.

3. Terror Bombing Limits. In each turn, victory points are awarded only
for the first two hits on a dot city and only for the first five hits on
a major city hex. Victory points are awarded for all hits on London,
Berlin, and the Ruhr.

NB submitted by John Kula ([email protected])
on behalf of the Strategy Gaming Society
originally collected by Andrew Webber 
([email protected])