Alan R. Arvold


The following errata ans optional rules was formulated by myself

back in the Seventies and sent to SPI for consideration. However

they never did send me a reply on them. So now after almost 30

years here they are for all to see. This errata and optional

rules are considered to be unofficial.



Zones of Control

(A) Change to - Only the units exerting the zone of control may

attack and such units may only attack once regardless of how many

times their controlled hexes are vacated in the course of that

movement phase.

(F) Add - However a unit may only attack once during the movment

phase regardless of how many times their controlled hexes are

vacated by enemy units.

Add (G) Units which make Zone of Control attacks may not use

Defensive Fire in that player turn.


Fire Combat

(K) Add - Targets in covering terrain may be spotted when they

fire. A friendly unit is still needed to spot the target though.

The spotting unit must be within six hexes of the target unit,

have a clear line of sight to the target, and not be dispersed or

eliminated. Target units which move out of the hex in which they

were spotted are no longer considered to be spotted even if they

move back into the same hex they moved out of.


Indirect Fire

All mortar units may use indirect fire regardless of the range to

the target.


Improved Positions

(B) Add - Class 2 units may not dig in if they are dispersed or

even attacked during the previous enemy player turn.





HE units may fire smoke into a hex instead of HE. An HE unit may

fire into one hex per phase. Smoke in a hex blocks the line of

sight through that hex. Units may see and fire into a smoked hex

only if that hex has a spotting unit. All attack strengths of

units firing into a smoked hex is halved, even if the firing unit

is in the smoked hex. Units may move through a smoked hex at no

additional movement penalty. Units which are in a smoked hex may

see and fire out of that hex.


Weapons Effectiveness

HE weapons class units may only fire at armored targets at full

attack strength at a range of two hexes or less when using direct

fire. If using direct fire against armored targets at any greater

range than two hexes, the attack factor of the HE weapons class

units are halved. HE weapons class units may always fire at

non-armored units at full attack strength at any range.