Soviet Set-Up
(clarification) The 2 armored trains listed under West front for November 15th do set up in Moscow.
(addition) In the October Phase II of the Reinforcement Pool Schedule (page 6), add the 533 AT Regt.
(deletion) In the Army Arrivals and Conversion Dates box (page 7), delete the 20th Army HQ.

German Set-Up
(correction) page 4: the number of units in 20th Army is 23, not 20.

Series Rules: Clarifications
1.1 "Low" and "Poor" proficiency are the same thing; the terms are interchangeable.
2.0 The fortification symbol was left off the Description Chart. It is a circle with studs sticking out.
6.2 German flak units are considered to be motorized, even though they have a blue unit box.
6.52 Strategic ground movement. Ignore this rule and use only 6.9.
8.5 Note that the second paragraph refers to tank divisions, the third paragraph to tank/mech corps.
9.3 The attacker rolls a 10-sided die once or twice.
9.4d, 9.5a Armor units are those on the Description Chart that are called Tank, Panzer, or Assault Gun. 9.8d Infantry-type units in this context are any units other than Mot/Mech Infantry that have the crossed lines infantry symbol, plus parachute/airborne units and all types of ski units.
10.22 Each artillery unit defends with strength of 1(one) if unaccompanied by other non-artillery, non-HQ type units.
11.0 The bottom-leftmost value on an HQ (to the left of the movement allowance) is its strength (not its "defense" strength). Use this strength when calculating artillery support values for the HQ.
11.4 Air Recon Missions are carried out at the end of the Air Ops Phase.
20.1 On the set-up charts, a dot to the left of the unit strength is a proficiency dot. A parenthesized (w) means the unit is winterized.

Series Rules: Addenda
5.23 German Panzer Regt Stacking
(Add) A Panzer Regiment can be "split" between the two other units of the division, as long as the regiment has more than one step remaining. Use the generic Pz Div holding boxes on the Axis Record Tracks. If a player wishes to split the steps of the panzer regiment equally between the other regiments, place the panzer regiment counter in the box in the middle. At this point each of the other regiments is considered to have one step of the panzer regiment stacked with it. For combat purposes, each step's combat value is determined by the terrain in the hex it is located in (round any fractions down). If the panzer regiment currently has three steps, whichever box the panzer regiment counter is placed in, that regiment (motorized or mechanized) is considered to have two steps of the panzer regiment stacked with it.
The German player may also use these holding boxes to limit the Soviet player's knowledge of the whereabouts of the German regiments. If any regiment of a panzer division is placed in the box of any other regiment of the division (other than to split the panzers -see above), it is considered to be stacked with that regiment. The German player does not have to reveal these stacking arrangements to the Soviet player, unless the units concerned are engaged in combat.
If the panzer regiment steps are equally divide between the other two regiments, and one of the stacks engages in combat and the panzer regiment suffers a step loss, subtract that step from the panzer regiment counter and move the counter from the central box to that of the other regiment (i.e. the one that was engaged in combat).

8.6 Coordinating Artillery
Normally each side may have a maximum of two artillery units participating in a single combat. HQ's contributing their strengths as artillery support are considered artillery in this context. Command points may be used to increase this limit to four. Defending artillery units in the hex do count against these limits.
9.6d Step Losses
Units with zero steps showing (assault gun battalions, ski units, etc.) are immediately eliminated if their stack is forced to take any kind of step loss in combat. Their elimination does not fulfill and combat obligation required by that combat.
13.13 German Army Group HQ's and General Supply
These HQ's may trace a supply path of unlimited length to a general supply source, provided the path is traced along friendly 2XRR hexes that are operable. These HQ's may not utilize special supply sources to provide general supply to Army HQ's.

Series Rules: Errata
1.1 Naval infantry should have an anchor in the unit box -not an "h" as shown on the Unit description Chart.
9.5e No Combat Supply: change the penalty from four columns to two (the CRT listing is correct).
9.6h The heading should be "Step Loss Priority". 13.24 German HQ's: Each PzKorps supplied by a non-PzArmy HQ counts as five divisional equivalents against the Army HQ's capacity, not four.
13.26 Army Group HQ's may not provide emergency supply to Army HQ's.
13.26b and 9.4b The penalty for attacking without general supply should read one column shift against the attacker. The CRT modifier is correct.
14.41 RR Engineer Points. The second way in which RREP's move is when the HQ they are assigned to moves.
15.32 Combat and Weather. The weather penalty against the attacker during Snow, Mud, or Arctic conditions is one column. The CRT modifier is correct.
15.32b and 15.32e Armor units never have a strength multiplier greater than one-half during Mud or Arctic conditions, not one as stated in these paragraphs.
15.32d Frozen lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water stay frozen until the Thaw.
15.32f Add +2 to CSP die-roll during Thaw, not +3.
16.52 third paragraph, line two: insert the word "not" in front of the word operate.
16.61 paragraph one, line seven: for "+2" read "+1".
16.64 The DRM for interdiction should be +3 (the table is correct), not +2. 17.14 Aircraft replacements are received according to a set rate given in the Exclusive Rules for each game, not by any listing on the Replacement Table.

Exclusive Rules: Errata, Addenda, and Clarifications
3.4.2 add (f) Soviet Tank Brigades with a proficiency dot.
16.22 Air HQ Basing (addenda). Each German Air HQ may have up to a total of 20 aircraft points assigned to it. After the II FK HQ is withdrawn (the counter actually remains), the German player can still use the II FK HQ counter, but it now represents only a detachment of the VIII FK. At this point the number of aircraft points that can base at each HQ is reduced to 10 each.
The Soviets may base no more than 8 aircraft points with an Air HQ, although the Moscow Air Defense fighters can combine operations with one other front HQ within 10 hexes of Moscow.

20.1h/AGerman Air HQ Chart
The Chart reads as follows (ignore any references to German aircraft assignments on the Master Set-Up Chart):
The first number refers to operational aircraft, the second to non-operational.

Fighters____VIIIFK___IIFK___Ground Attack_VIIIFK___IIFK


17.11 Personnel Return Rates
When players receive returns, the word "elimination" does not mean that steps in play are eliminated. It refers to the permanent elimination of a number of return steps on the casualty record tracks. Example: if the return rate were one replacement step for every two German return steps eliminated, the German player would subtract three return steps from the casualty record track. Two would be eliminated and one converted into a replacement step.
18.2 Replacements
Replacement steps that arrive in accordance with the Replacement table are treated differently to return steps. Replacement steps from the Table are actual steps; they do not need to be converted in the manner described above (17.11). Keep a note on a piece of paper of the number of replacement steps currently available, or make some markers to keep record of them on the record tracks until they are used.
20.31.3 Delete all after the word "division". (I.e. only the Kavalry is withheld from play)

German Non-Divisional Set-Up Chart
Ignore all references to BPs and RREPs in this Chart (use those in the German HQ, Supply, Attachments, and replacements Chart).

Terrain Effects Chart
The terrain types numbers at the foot of the chart do not coincide with those on the chart itself. As each type is in any case named, this should cause no confusion. Also, for "balck" read "black”!