Alan R. Arvold


The following rules were created and sent to SPI back in the mid

1970's. They were never published. Here they are for your gaming

enjoyment. These rules apply only to the old Sniper game by SPI.


12.3 (Add) Pistols

Certain weapons classes carry pistols as a secondary weapon. In

addition all vehicle crewmen carry pistols as their secondary

(and in some cases) primary weapon. Pistols are usually carried

by MG, RL, and FT armed men and up to half (fractions rounded up)

of the crewman in a vehicle. Add the following column to the

Basic Attack Strength Table.


Range (hexes)              HG (Hand Gun)

1-10                       15

11-20                       8

21-30                       4

31 or more                  0


A wounded man may not fire a pistol at any range greater than 10

hexes. A prone man may not fire a pistol at any range greater

than 22 hexes. Pistols count as bayonets in Hand-to-Hand Combat.


19.3 (Add) Bayonets

All soldiers carry bayonets for their rifles and knives if they

have some other weapon that does not not normally mount a

bayonet. In order to mount the bayonet on one's weapon (or to

just take it out of its scabbard and have it in hand if unarmed)

the mission code is FB. In order to put the bayonet away the

mission code is PB. These are both individual missions and are

subjected to all the rules dealing with individual missions.

Bayonets may only be mounted on rifles, all other weapons may not

mount a bayonet. The only effect that a bayonet has in Sniper is

in Hand-to-Hand Combat. On the Hand-to-Hand Combat Results Table

one is subtracted from the die roll if the attacker has a bayonet

mounted on his rifle or has a bayonet in hand if he is unarmed.


19.4 (Add) Entrenching Tools

All soldiers carry an entrenching tool or small shovel as part of

their basic equipment. Besides its obvious uses it also comes in

pretty handy as hand-to-hand combat weapon. An entrenching tool

may only be used by an unarmed man. In order to take out the

entrenching tool from its carrying case and to put it back into

case use the mission codes for taking out and putting away the

bayonets. An entrenching tool is treated as a machine pistol on

the Hand-to-Hand Combat Results Table.


32.7 Sniper Organiztion Chart

Partisan - Partisans are not uniformally armed and not all can be

considered to carry bayonet/knives and entrenching tools. To see

how many of each type of weapon is in a Partisan squad roll one

die for each type with the resulting numbers being the total

amount of each in the squad. The player may distribute these

weapons among the men in his squad as he sees fit.