Road to the Rhine - errata and clarifcations

8 August 1979


All corrections to the counter sheet involve changes in unit
identifications and are provided purely for historical interest. To
avoid confusion, units are identified on the initial set-ups and orders
of appearance as they appear on the counter sheet, not as they are
identified below.

German Counters:	

The 19th Luftwaffe regiment should be the 92nd.	

Allied Counters:

The US 3rd infantry regiment should be the 474th.

The US 24th infantry regiment should be the 29th.


Although they are marked on the map, the canal hexsides south of hexes
1010 and 1111, north map, are partially obscured by the Dutch border.
They are nevertheless canal hexsides.


The terrain effects chart conflicts with the rules in its explanation of
fortified hexes, rough terrain, and canal effects. In all cases, the
terrain effects chart is authoritative.

Order of Appearance:

Dec III, 1944: The German 4-15 Fuhrer Grenadier brigade is panzergrenadier, 
not panzer.

Jan II, 1945: The US air transport unit arriving should be the 54th wing, 
not the 53rd Wing.


Rule 1, Units: The symbol for maneuver supply markers is incorrectly
listed and should instead be as shown below.

Rule 2, Zones of Control: 

The fast several lines of the first two paragraphs are scrambled. They
should read:

"Adjacent hexes separated from the hex a unit occupies by either a full
sea hexside or major river hexside (either bridged or unbridged) are
referred to as being in the unit's secondary zone of control. All other
adjacent hexes are referred to as being in its primary zone of control."

"The presence of a friendly unit in an enemy unit's primary ZOC negates
its effect on the final 8 hexes of a supply line (only), but does not
negate its effect on movement and retreat."

Rule 5, Maneuver Supply: 

Section C (arrival of allied MSP's) disagrees with the OA. The OA is 

Rule 8, Terrain and Movement: 

The cost of crossing an unbridged major river hexside is 1/2 of a units
movement allowance. Fractions are retained, not rounded.

Rule 9, Reserve Creation, Section C: 

Any reserve unit which is attacked loses its reserve status.

Rule 11, Ground Combat: 

All divisions (not just those which are backprinted) have a cadre 

Rule 16, Final Impulse: 

A player may not declare an impulse to be his final impulse if he has
conducted an airborne assault during the impulse.

Rule 18, Replacements:

B Only units in general supply may receive replacements. Allied units
in general supply by airdrops may not receive replacements.

D 2. French: French infantry replacements may be used to raise the
French mountain division from reduced to full strength.

D 7. German Panzer Divisions: The German player may use panzergrenadier
replacements to rebuild panzer divisions, but may do so only if raising
a panzer division from the units eliminated box to the cadre box, or if
raising it from the cadre box to reduced strength. An armor replacement
is always required to raise a panzer division to full strength.

Rule 23, New Units:

A Rebuilt German units may appear on the east or the north edge of the
north map, not just the north edge as stated in the rule.

B Rebuilt French units enter on the west or southwest map edge of the 
south map.

Rule 32, Battle Game - Market Garden:

Add the British 50th infantry division to the British 2nd Army.

Rule 34, Battle Game - The Bulge:

Add the British 6th Parachute division to the Allied airborne Reserve 
in England.

Bulge Scenario Set?Up:

US 1st Army: Add a 7-20 armored division (5th) and change the number of 
allowed units in reserve to 5.

US 8th Corps: The unit in hex N-2025 should be the 28th division, not 
the 26th.

US 3rd Army: Add a 7-20 armored division (4th).

US 9th Army: The 103rd armored cavalry group should instead be the 106th.


A number of units which have arrived are not included in the set-up
information. All of these units have been cannibalized. They are the
105th, 107th, 108th, and 111th panzer brigades, the 47th, 48th, and
708th static divisions, the 16th, 331st, 275th, and 559th VG infantry
divisions, the 91st air landing division, and the 81st LS security

Desiqners Notes:

There are several typographical errors in the "Game as History" section.
In the set-up, the reference to the 560th VG division should be to the
580th VG division. In the set-up, the 340th VG division should be in hex
2201, south map. In the German attacks of the first impulse, the 18th
and 62nd VG advance to hex 2124. In the German attacks of the third
impulse, 11 6th Panzer advances to hex 1723. In the German attacks of
the fourth impulse, 9th Panzer advances to hex 1624.

Game Designers' Workshop

NB submitted by John Kula ([email protected])
on behalf of the Strategy Gaming Society
originally collected by Andrew Webber 
([email protected])