Alan R. Arvold


The following errata and new rules were submitted to SPI back in

the late Seventies for consideration. They were never published.

Here they are for your enjoyment.



10.81 Pistols

(Add) Pistols are counted as bayonets in Hand-to-Hand Combat.


New Rules

12.6 (Add) Bayonets

All soldiers carry bayonets for their Rifles and after 1945 for

their Assault Rifles. Soldiers who are armed with other weapons

(And before 1945, Assault Rifles) are assumed to be carrying a

knife. In order to mount a bayonet on one's weapon or if unarmed

to have a knife ready in one's hand, the individual combat task

code is FB. To put the bayonet back in its scabbard the

individual combat task code is PB. These are both individual

combat tasks and follow all the rules pertaining to individual

combat tasks. Bayonets may only be mounted on Rifles and after

1945, Assault Rifles, no other weapons may mount a bayonet. The

only effect that a bayonet has in Patrol is in hand-to-hand

combat. On the Hand to Hand Combat Results Table one is

subtracted from the die roll if the attacker has a bayonet

mounted on his rifle/assault rifle or if he has a bayonet in his

hand if he is unarmed. Note that the US in the Seventies has an

assault rifle with a grenade launcher mounted underneath it (the

M203). A soldier armed with such a weapon may not mount a bayonet

on this weapon.


12.7 (Add) Entrenching Tool

All soldiers carry an entrenching tool or small shovel as part of

their basic equipment. Besides its obvious uses it also comes in

pretty handy as a hand-to-hand combat weapon. An entrenching tool

may only be used by an unarmed man. In order to take it out of

its carrying case and put it back into the case use the same

individual combat task codes as those used to take out and put

away the bayonet. An entrenching tool is treated as a machine

pistol on the Hand-to-Hand Combat Results Table.


30.9 Squad Organizations

All soldiers are considered to be carrying a bayonet/knife and an

entrenching tool. The following type weapon classes have a pistol

carried as secondary armament; MG, FT, RL, and GL. All tank and

APC crewman carry pistols.

30.94 USSR

In the Seventies the standard squad has 2 MG, 1 RL (which also

carries a AW), and 5 AW. The APC (BMP) crew is 1 HG, and 2 AW.

30.96 USA

In the Seventies the standard APC crew is 2 AW.