Alan R. Arvold


   The following errata is for the game MASON-DIXON in Command

Magazine #35. It is in addition to the errata published in

subsequent issues of Command Magazine. This errata was sent to

XTR Corperation but since they have not seen fit to publish it in

Command Magazine, must be considered unofficial until such a time

when they do.


Counters: CSA 1940 - There are two 4-4-0 Infantry Divisions with

          incorrect Unit IDs of 2MS and 2TN. The correct Unit IDs

          for these units are 3MS and 3TN respectively.

          Clarification - There is a one step fighter unit on the

          back of the Confederate counter sheet with a range of

          zero. This is correct as this is a point defence

          fighter unit.


          USA 1940 - There is a 4-4-0 Trucked Infantry Division

          with an incorrect Unit ID of 26NA. The correct Unit ID

          is 26MA.


Map: The State Line between Illinois and Northern Missouri should

     run down the middle of the Mississippi River from hex 3811

     to the International Border between hexes 4417/4418. The

     distance in kilometers between opposite sides of a hexegon

     is 53, not 5.3 as printed on the map.


Production Chart: Transfer to/from GHQ line - USA number should

                  have two stars next to it.


Abbreviations: CSA  Shel - Shelby


               USA  R - Ranger



2.5 Cavalry type units have the regular Cavalry symbol, not the

    Mechanized Cavalry symbol.


3.4 Clarification: Neither side may enter into any Sequoyah hex

    in the 1995 scenario.


5.6 Clarification: The infantry division counters marked with the

    "." symbol for both sides in the 1917 scenario are two step

    counters initially. After they are lost and rebuilt they

    become one step infantry divisions. This is in exception to

    rule 2.7.


6.7 Second paragraph, first sentance: The word firendly should be

    spelled friendly.


16.3 First paragraph, second sentance: The word ubtract should be

     spelled subtract.


18.6 First paragraph, third sentance: The word econd should be

     spelled second.