Incredible Victory Errata 1.0 & 2.0

Creative lettering on the strategic map does not allow the invasion
force to enter at 3Q.

2.71, PAGE 4, delete the first sentence. The second sentence only
applies to the GAME REFERENCE CARD. The rest of rule 2.7 applied to the
COMBAT TALES/CRITICAL HIT TABLES card. All references to hit records
should refer to "sets" and permission is granted to photocopy hit record
sheets for future games. All contents of this game are (C) Quarterdeck

pg. 9, 9.1 The second sentence should read: The high roll has "air
initiative" for this game turn and is termed the "phasing player".

pg. 10, 9.1 The first sentence should read: "The other side is the
"non-phasing player" for the balance of the Air Strike Phase".

pg. 17, 14.363 The Japanese and US Handicap schedules should both
reflect -20 for Variant #1.

The Japanese air operation cards have the CVL's Hosho and Zuiho missing 
some arrows.

On the strategic map North is up on row A.

Counter Corrections:

The Japanese variant CA's referred to in 14.35-2,3, and 5 are: 10-2
Maya: 10-2 Takao; 9-2 Kako (not "Kaka"); 9-2 Aoba

The Invasion Force 0-1 AV is Kimikawa Maru rather than just Kamikawa. 

Counter Notes:

Some counter sheets have been printed with the Enterprise Dauntless
squadron designations (2.2a) missing. They are: (VB-1D, 2D, 2D) (VS-1SD,
1SD, 1SD, 2D). Compare with Hornet or Yorktown.

Hit Record Corrections:

There are seven errors in which the factors given on ship counters do
not agree with the factors shown for them on the Hit Record Sheets. In
all cases, use the factors as printed on the counters. Correct the Hit
Record Sheets as follows:

Combat Tables (Hit Table DRMs) Clarifications:

+1:D&T planes vs ships applies to Dplanes and/or T planes, not just in
the case of a combined attack by both planes

- 1: Day B&D plane air attacks in clouds applies to B planes and/or D
planes, not Just in the case of a combined attack by both types.
NB submitted by John Kula ([email protected])
on behalf of the Strategy Gaming Society
originally collected by Andrew Webber 
([email protected])