La Grande Guerre: ERRATA!!!

Here are the 1st errata of the ENGLISH RULES, we notice.

There was a mistake in the introduction of German reinforcements.

September (1) 3-4-3 (West) EXCEPT if option #8 is chosen (not "6). (2) 3-4-3 (East) " " " "

December (2) 3-4-3 (Free East / West) EXCEPT if option "8 is chosen (not "6).

Explanation: Option #8 gives these 5 corps 3-4-3 at start (they can't appear as reinforcements).

Sorry for such errata...

ERRATA #2!!! (English rules)

For the "small" 1914 scenarios battle orders: look at the 1914 Global order of battle, at the start of the Scenario booklet. You will find where each Army (and units) is located.

In fact, these 1914 small scenarios are in "summaries"... Sorry for such confusing forgiven point! ...

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La Grande Guerre: Q&A

Trench War (1915+):

1. When your Grand Offensive is victorious you can continue it for more turns. When do you have to stop? Is that voluntarily?

Yes, you may end it voluntarily when you want either: at START of your Game turn or at the END of the current turn (after both players have played). The required end offensive rules still apply anyway. At last, you have to stop at the end Nov- December turn.

2. Are orders of battle (rule 54.C) used in a secondary battle?

No! The battle orders are only used for the Main battle of the Grand Offensive. See 52.C (Order of battle: none).

3. Obligation for an offensive. (53.D). Is Italy - when in the war - obliged to conduct a Grand Offensive each year? If the answer is yes, does that include the year in which Italy enters the war?

Yes, Italy has to launch a Grand Offensive each year, except the year when she enters at war: as the Grand Offensive is planned at the New Year's Start (during the Winter Interphase).

4. Turkey has no such obligation (as only secondary battles are allowed in the Turkish theaters of war).

Yes, Turkey has no such obligation, as she only can launch secondary battles in the Turkish theaters of war (Balkan, Armenia, Egypt... no Grand Offensive allowed).

5. Putnik and Albert have an obstinate value of '0'. How does that work? Can they enter a hex for battle, and then, when the enemy is revealed, cancel it right away?

No, it was a very "minor" error printed in their counter. Putnik and Albert worth value as "1" obstinate. They have to attack 1 round at least.

6. Can attackers' heavy arty from GHQ intervene in bombardment in secondary battles?


7. (Rule 52.C): Defender may make his heavy arty from GHQ intervene. I don't understand why this is so, because defender's arty plays no role in bombardment procedure in secondary battles.

Yes, you are right for the bombardment. The reason is different: then the Defender may make his heavy arty from GHQ intervene (during the bombardment time) and use it later during the battle.

8. (Rule 55.M) Swiss and Belgian units can cooperate inside and outside their own countries. This means French or British corps can reinforce them. Can French or British (GHQ) artillery also be used as reinforcement in a battle involving a Swiss or Belgian stack?

Yes, French / British / (US or InterAllied) GHQ may send reinforcements in a battle involving a Swiss or Belgian stack. It is unclear in the rules, but yes.

Note: You may even add Holland (if invaded?). The Centrals act as well in the very rare case if the Allies invade Belgium, Holland or Switzerland.