Colliers: Colliers carry the same amount of coal as the other

German ships, 36 units. This includes both their own coal and the

coal that they are carrying in their holds. Colliers can use the

coal in their holds for themselves. When coaling a German ship

from a collier, the amount of coal taken on by the German ship

comes from the collier's Coaling Index. A collier may recoal more

than one German ship in a turn, but will have its coal supply

fast depleted if it does this. The German player may take all the

coal from a collier thus leaving it empty and dead in the water.

Colliers may recoal in the same manner as other German ships.


British Ultimatum: British and German ships can not fire on each

other until the 0300 Aug.5 turn, not the 1500 Aug.5 turn. The

reference on the Turn Record Chart is correct.


French 19th Corps: To get any points for getting this corps to

France, it must arrive at Toulon by the 1500 Aug.8 turn at the

latest. The 1500 Aug.7 turn reference in both the rules and on

the Turn Record Chart is incorrect.





Scale: 1 foot = 500 yards, not years, in outdoor play.


Routine of Play: Each repetition of the four steps constitutes a

Battle Turn.


Routine of Play: Step 1 - Both side move their ships during this

step. Before moving each player rolls one die. The player with

the higher die roll moves his ships second. Ties are rerolled.


Routine of Play: Step 2 - Both players predesignate the target

ships that each of their ships is firing at before any firing is

done. Note that turrets may have one, two, or three guns in them.

Check the ship counter to see how many turrets they have. Some

ships have secondary guns in both one and two gun turrets. These

ships are the French Pre-Dreadnought Battleships Republique and

Patrie. These ships would have three single and three double gun

turrets when firing a broadside and two single and two double gun

turrets when firing ahead or astern. Those ships that have hull

mounted secondary batteries (BB and BC Class Ships) count each

secondary gun as a one gun turret.


Routine of Play: Step 3 - The die is rolled once for each heavy

gun (13.5" - 11") hit on the ship.


Routine of Play: Step 4 - All damage, including heavy damage from

the previous step, takes effect at the end of this step after all

damage on both sides has been determined.



Heavy Damage Table: All references to turns refer to Battle

Turns, not turns in the Strategic Game.





1 - A Battle Turn takes three minutes, therefore there are 20

Battle Turns in an hour. After 60 Battle Turns any friendly or

allied ships in an adjacent hex on the strategic map may move

into the battle.


2 - Each ship may fire a maximum of 60 Battle Turns. For those

players who want to keep records, mark down on a sheet of scratch

paper each Battle Turn a ship fires.


2a - A ship may resupply 10 Battle Turns of ammo during each

strategic turn of recoaling.


2b - A ship expends 10 Battle Turns of ammo when it bombards a

port during a strategic turn.





The Turkish Battleships Sultan Osman I and Reshadien are not part

of the Goeben game. These are just extra ships which were

included for players who wanted to try some hypothetical

engagements with the Turks.