Alan R. Arvold


Mapsheet: There should be a door symbol on the following

hexsides; the hexside between hexes 1919/2020, the hexside

between hexes 1921/2022, and the hexside between hexes 2428/2429.


Interior Mapsheet: Long Barracks Second Floor - The hexside

between hexes 2621/2622 should be a clear hexside, there is no

wall there thus making that room a two hex room.

Low Barracks - The Low Barracks is misplaced on the mapsheet.

Each hex of the Low Barracks should be the next one to the south

as they are the main mapsheet. The internal relative arrangement

of the walls remains unchanged.


2.9 There are no leader counters printed with a circle containing

an asterick.


4.1 There is no Game Turn Track included in the game (it was

accidently left out during the printing of the game). Players can

either make their own or they can use the 4200 column on the main

mapsheet to keep track of the game turn. Just put the Game Turn

counter on hex 4200 when setting up and move the counter down one

hex on the column at the beginning of each game turn.


5.3 Unfortunately the Mexican Casualty Track was also accidently

left out during the printing of the game. Players can either make

their own or they can use the 1000 and 1100 columns on the main

mapsheet to keep track of casualties. Just place all Mexican

Losses Counters on hex 1000 when setting up the game and move the

respective counters down the column as steps are lost. Once the

counters get down to 1030 just transfer them to hex 1100 and then

move down that column. Once the Mexican Losses Counter gets to

hex 1131 the game is over as the Mexicans have lost 61 steps.

As an alternate method of keeping track of casualties consider

this. There are 60 Mexican Dead Counters in the game. If at some

point in the game all 60 Dead Counters are on the map and the

Mexicans have just lost another step then the game is over.


6.7 No further rearrangement may take place once one or more

units have moved/fired in that phase.


7.3 A die roll of 1 or 2 means there will be a release that

phase; a result of 3, 4, 5, or 6 means no release that phase.


9.13 The high wall hexsides that are located between the special

interior/exterior hexes and the high-level scaffold hexes around

them on the main mapsheet do not prohibit the movement of and the

fire between units located on the ground floor hexes of the

Chapel on the Interior Mapsheet. The ramp in hex 3126 does not

prohibit ground floor movement between hexes 3126 and 3226 (the

men are going around the ramp). The ramp also does not block the

LOS through hexside 3126/3226 (the men are poking their heads

around the ramp to fire their weapons).


10.5 Only Texan infantry/gun crew units have fire modifiers

numbers printed on them and they vary from zero (0) to plus two



10.6 Starting with game Turn 6, as the sun begins to come up, it

decreases one per game turn until it reaches zero (0) at the

start of Game Turn 10.


10.10 Likewise units located inside rooms on the Interior Map

that have interior door hexsides may fire into interior hexes

only through those hexides. The LOS extends out in a straight

line into the interior hexes and is blocked by the first wall or

doorway hexside that it crosses.


11.10 A Texan artillery gun crew may either fire the cannon or

their own weapons but not both during the Texan Reaction Phase.

They may reload the cannon during the Reaction Phase even if they

fired it during the same phase.


11.11 In the second sentence the word "wold" should be "would".


13.1 As an optional rule, if the "Women & Children" counter is

the only Texan counter left on the board at the end of the game,

the Texan player can not claim an automactic end of the game

victory. (Unarmed women and children could hardly contest armed

troops for possession of the Alamo.)