From: [email protected] (Eric Pass)
Subject: Errata for S&T#122 Pegasus Bridge (Was: Re: Vacation Gaming in Florida)

Here is the listed errata for S&T#122 Pegasus Bridge as given
in S&T#125. 
1.  Units inside bunkers receive a -1 fire combat modifier.
2.  The areas with the red inner outlines are German set-up areas.
3.  Extra German machine gun is placed in pillbox (14.0)
4.  There is supposed to be a blue glider line connecting the
    last /_\ and     south of the Compass Rose.
5.  The approximate distance between areas varies from 50 to 200
    meters, with glider entry areas being the longest and the areas
    around the bridge the shortest.
6.  British units may continue to move after clearing a bunker if
    they have enough movement points. (5.3)
7.  Leaders add a +1 die roll modifier to grenade attacks.
8.  British reinforcement A enters on Turn 7, reinforcement B enters
    on Turn 8, and reinforcement C enters on Turn 9.
9.  When machine guns combine fire with small arms, use the small arms
    line and count each machine gun as 4 small arms strength points.
10. If a tank enters an area with the wrecked Mercedes, it costs an
    extra movement point to move through.
11. Map errata: 29 lines got dropped off the map during production.
    The exaggeratedly thick black lines shown on the map sections below
    should be added to your map as simple black lines.

[Map corrections 1/3]

[Map corrections 2/3]

[Map corrections 3/3]