SUBJECT: Battle of the Bulge; December, 1944


Board Game List:

America Triumphant Avalanche, 2003
Ardennes Gamers,1994
Ardennes 1944, Vae Victis#48 H&C, 2002
Ardennes'44 GMT
Ardennes Offensive SPI,1973
Attack in the Ardennes GDW,1982
Autumn Mist Fiery Dragon, 2004
Axis and Allies: Battle of the Bulge Hasbro, 2006
Bastogne, S&T#20 SPI,1970
Bastogne (Westwall Quad) SPI,1976
Bastogne FGA,1992
Bastogne: Crossroads of Death JPW,1991
Bastogne or Bust Hendrix,1994; Terran,1996
Battle of Bastogne Tower Games, 2007 (network game)
Battle of the Bulge AH, 1st Ed. 1965; 2nd Ed. 1981
Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian) AH,1991
Battle of the Bulge (Avalanche) Avalanche, 2003
Battles for the Ardennes Quad
(Clervaux,St Vith,Celles,Sedan)
SPI,1978; TSR 1983; DG 1994
Battles of the Bulge: Celles Revolution Games 2011
Bitter Woods AH,1998 2nd edition 2000
Bloody 110 Gamers, 1989
The Bulge: FAB#1 GMT, 2007
Bulge DG, 2008
Bulge SPI, 1979
Bulge 1940, General V12#2 AH, 1975 BoB'65 variant
Bulge 20 (VPG) Victory Point Games
Combat Soldiers Lost Battalion, 2005
Dark December OSG,1979
Hitler's Last Gamble Rand,1975
Hitler's Last Gamble 3W,1990
Iron Tide PRP, 2003
Kampfgruppe Peiper I, ASL Hist. Mod. 2 AH,1991
Kampfgruppe Peiper II, ASL Hist. Mod. 3 AH,1996
Last Gamble : the Battle of the Bulge DDH
Nuts! DG,1997
One-page Bulge SJG, 1980
Operation Greif Guidon,1973; 2nd ed (1980); 3rd (1990) Hendrix
The Big Red One SPI,1980
The Last Blitzkrieg 3W,1994
The Bulge
(part of Major Battles and Campaigns
of General George S. Patton)
The Last Gamble HBJ,1984
Race to the Meuse, Wargamer #26 3W,1984
Relief of Bastogne
(part of Patton quad)
Ad Technos,1986
Tigers in the Mist Ray Freeman, 1996, GMT (1999)
Wacht am Rhein SPI,1977
Wave of Terror, Command #41 XTR, 1997

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