Maharaja Errata


Errata and Clarifications

Correction: Regarding Rule 6.0, the second-to-last sentence should read: "Note that overpopulation limits are imposed at the end of the last movement phase of a Major Invasion (7.4 below)."

Clarification: Note that a Colonial nation may build and supply arms (per 12.2) to any Indian nation, not just one the same player controls, so long as both conditions for such are met.

Clarification: For VP purposes when determining the number of coasts a Colonial nation has built factories upon, Malabar and Golconda may be considered to border either - but not both - of the bordering sea areas (Colonial nation's choice, announced at the end of the game turn).

Q. Do nations score victory points while submitted?

A. Yes.

Q. Do nations which have allied with the British score victory points?

A. Yes.

Q. Can attackers retreat with boats? Can defenders?

A. Rule 8.5 states that only colonial nations may retreat to sea. Any other nation that tries is eliminated. Thus, Indian nations, that have no other land space in which to retreat, must stand and fight.

Q. Rule 12.1: Does this rule imply that factories, unlike Roman forts in Britannia, do not fire back until all defending armies are eliminated, and then only if the attacker chooses to attack the factory?

A. No, you may defend with a factory as if it were a normal army. But, it can't attack.

Q. After a dice roll against a factory, can the attacker break off the attack and choose to co-exist?

A. Yes.

Q. Rule 13.0--last sentence. In effect, is it only a non-allied co-existing Muslim, Mughal, or Gupta army which prevents the British from counting their factory towards Raj Points?

A. Yes.

Q. Can an Indian nation declare alliance with the British after its Turn 16 Battle Phase by placing its Increase Population marker in the British Alliance box, thereby preventing any British attacks on it in the last turn without any penalty other -than giving the British additional land areas towards Raj points?

A. Yes, at any time as per third paragraph under 11.2.

Q. If a colonial player has three factories spread along two coasts, how many victory points does he receive? Five or Seven?

A. Five (a total of two points for the coasts).

Q. Do arms give advantages to factories?

A. No, arms are given to Indians.

Q. Is an area occupied solely by a factory considered vacant for a retreating unit?

A. Yes.