Freedom in the Galaxy Errata

Freedom in the Galaxy


May 5, 1996

Q. 10.2 and 10.8 In a combat involving Rayner Derban leading a 6-6 battle versus unled Imperials, the sequence of column shifts would seem to matter; which takes effect first, the Helian Drug or the determined assault modifier?

A. Neither, because all shifts are cumulative with the net column shift result then applied to the original odds column. Therefore, in the example given, the net shif is four to the right making the battle a 5-1.

Q. Do the Scrambler and the Cervac Mk V each act on targets in an orbit box?

A. Yes.

Q. When acting upon a Level 0 PDB, what effect does the scanner have?

A. None.

Q. 27.14 Is there any reason to no immediately return a damaged S-XIII to the possession deck upon landing?

A. No, it must be so returned upon landing.

Q. 21.0 Can military units stargin the Interplanetary Military Movement Segment in different environs or in the orbit box of the same planet all move to the orbit box, join together, and make a jump together Can a stack jump to an orbit box together and then land in different environs in the same segment?

A. Yes. Yes.

Q. If one side in an interception stack is eliminated, are the surviving opposing units considered to be still in an interception stack and therefore unable to act during the phase?

A. No, they may act/react.

Q. If Imperial units remain face down, can the rebel player attempt a spaceship quest in the hope of destroying a suspected Atrocity Unit?

A. No, the mission may not be assigned unless the orbit box is known to have an Atrocity Unit.

Q. If the rebel player reveals his secret base during a Resource Phase, can the imperial players adjust his own spending in the same phase?

A. No, on the turn in which the rebel player wishes to reveal his secret base and spend its resources during the Resource Phase, the rebel player waits until the imperial player has finished spending and placing.