Age of Renaissance Errata

Age of Renaissance

Errata and Clarifications

May 7, 1998

Card - After the Mongol Armies, is the Marco Polo credit worth $40 for both Overland East and Cosmopolitan?

A. Yes.

Map - Does St. Gali support Nuremburg?

A. No, play it as the board appears.

Map - What is the extent of the Bay of Biscay "sea"?

A. It touches the coastal waters from Edinburg to Seville.

Map - Does Paris connect to London and Portsmouth? Does Bari connect to Corfu?

A. Yes to all, across coastal waters.

Map - Does Barca's coastal waters connect to the E. Med. Sea? Does Libya's connect to the C.Med. Sea?

A. Yes. No.

Map - Does the Norwegian Sea have any significance for play?

A. No, you can only cross one sea with The Heavens and the areas that are adjacent to the Norwegian Sea are also accessible by coastal water.

Map & 4.1 - Are Iceland and West Africa only accessible by sea?

A. Yes, requiring The Heavens or Seaworthy Vessels.

2.2 #5 - In using Caravan to go from Venice to Belgrade via Dubrovnik, must I compete with a player in Dubrovnik?

A. Only if Dubrovnik is fully occupied at the time of transit, in which case you must place enough tokens to initiate competition in Dubrovnik and only if successful may you pass through with more tokens to go to Belgrade.

4.1 - Can the Pirates/Viking card reduce domination markers in the Far East and New World boxes?

A. Yes.

4.4 - Are tokens in their capital doubled for both defense and attacks?

A. Yes.

9.32 - If all expansion tokens have been purchased (none remain in stock) when a player loses a domination marker to a disaster (such as Rebellion), may the player replace the marker with a square token from his expansion pool? Must he?

A. Yes, the player may -- at his option -- use expansion tokens in such cases. Alternatively, you may leave the space empty if you have none in stock.

9.32 - Can Armor and Stirrups be played in the same turn by the same player to obtain a +2 advantage?

A. Yes.

9.32 - If Armor or Stirrups has been played and Gunpowder or Longbow is played later in the same Play Cards Phase, what happens?

A. As the card is already in play and therefore cannot be held as a misery burden, the only effect is that the Armor or Stirrups card does not have any effect versus the player(s) who later played Gunpowder/Longbow. Armor/Stirrups is still used against other players and discarded at the end of the Expansion Phase.

9.32 - How does Chaos affect the order of play?

A. Players in chaos are assumed to be buying zero expansion tokens and play order is determine in the usual fashion. Thus, to pay off a surplus/shortage, a player must bid negative or win the tie at zero.

9.33 - Can a player who owns Printed Word and Patronage claim a rebate by patronizing a personality?

A. No.

9.33 - If you have Printed Word and play a leader with credits toward two or more Advances, one of which you already have, may you take the rebate even if you do not plan to buy the unowned Advance?

A. Yes.

9.41 - What is the limit to use of The Heavens?

A. All Galleys of a player with The Heavens may use it to cross one seA. The limit is not one sea per player, but rather one sea per shipment.

9.53 - If Blue has colored squares in an unfilled province co-existing with recently-arrived Red tokens, are all of them removed in a competition initiated by white-side-up Blue tokens?

A. Yes, the loser of any competition loses all tokens in the province.

9.53 - If I coexist with another player and then use competition to gain control, may I use Wind/Watermill to force a trade?

A. No, you must take the province "from another player" -- meaning that player must control it completely first.

9.53 - If one of several defenders in a province has a military advantage but others do not, is the attacker required to place the additional token to counter the military advantage?

A. Yes.

9.53 - When does the conversion between square tokens to circular tokens occur? A. Immediately as each competition roll is conducted.

9.53 - Can Cathedral be used only during a player's offensive Competitions?

A. No, it can be used on offense or defense, but only once against each non-owner.

9.61 - Does a commodity shortage die roll of 12 (affecting Gold and Ivory) cause card draws or payments for both commodities? In order to remove a Gold/Ivory shortage, what is paid?

A. Yes, in shortage, two cards could be drawn. Only $10 is paid to remove the joint shortage.

9.7 - May you later collect expansion tokens if they were not at first available at the time of allocation (example, after Black Death places more in stock)?

A. No, you only get what is available at the time of allocation between cash and tokens.

10 - Can players pay cash to other players for the play, discard or non-discard of cards, or performance of other "services"?

A. Players may plead, protest and whine, but the actual payment of bribes for services rendered is strictly forbidden. You may promise a service, but never show a card without the incurring the penalty in the rules.

11.1 - If someone has bought all 26 Advances, is the final turn played out fully, including a final card play phase?

A. Yes.

11.1 - Do you make new Shortage/Surplus rolls for application to the final card play phase?

A. Yes.

11.2 - Can a card be discarded (with Master of Art) instead of played during the final card play phase?

A. No.

11.2 - Is the final card play phase considered to be a different turn? Does Enlightened Ruler played during the final turn's play card phase still protect a player during the final card play phase?

A. No; Yes.

11.2 - When do rerolls occur in the case of a tie with the War card?

A. At the start of each player's portion of the Play Card phase (possibly continuing to the next turn's phase). If a War continues past the last player during the Final Card Play phase, the game ends without further die rolls for the War.

11.4 - A tied War continues in the next player's Play Card turn. If that player is in the War, can he play a military advantage card prior to resolving the War?

A. Yes, but the War must be resolved before any non-military card is played.