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“Taranto And Naval Air Warfare in The Mediterranean, 1940-1945”. Book Review.

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...an engaging story of the pilots of the Fleet Air Arm that conveys how, to paraphrase Churchill, so many owed so much to so few." Ray Garbee reviews Taranto And Naval Air Warfare in The Mediterranean, 1940-1945, by David Hobbs. Check out why Ray feels the book is a combination of engaging narrative history, along with tactical insights about "…the evolution in aircraft carrier battlespace management, that is: detection, fighter direction and airstrike management."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 5/5/2021

Alea Magazine is Back!

Spotlight Article Graphic

After years without publishing new issues, Alea magazine is back! The latest issue (#36) was published in March of 2021. We hope everyone will support this outstanding publication once again...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 5/2/2021

Reinforcements for the Bosworth Project and early WWII

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Fortunately I seem to have a ‘mud on tracks obsession’, so that should fix it!" Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, discusses miniatures work, and shares photos of some very nice results. "Anyway, that’s it, I’m worn out now! all that modelling, I’ve used up an entire years motivation in just a few days :-)"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 4/28/2021

Maldon: Something to Mull Over

Spotlight Article Graphic

"The preliminary challenges, insults, and actual fighting between 'champions' on the causeway resulted in a slight advantage for the Saxons." Chris Hahn, in his No Painting Required blog, brings us replays of the Viking versus Anglo-Saxon battle of Maldon in 991 A.D. Chris provides some interesting background to his various stagings, along with plenty of action: "…the Vikings crashed into the Saxons, having pushed through their own skirmishing archers, scattering them to the winds."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 4/26/2021

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Higlanders - Scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975

Experimental scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975 created and shared by Mark D'Agosta.

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Battle for Russia - Game Turn Restrictions Summary

I'm finally getting to play this game, and am looking forward to it. There are a decent amount of "special rules" and restrictions that apply to either the Axis or Soviet player, depending on which turn it is. Rather than flipping back and forth in the rule book, I made a quick & dirty cheat sheet for myself which I have been using, and thought I'd share it. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect, please let me know via email at mark at grognard dot com. (updated 4/11/2020 to include rules for ignoring Rivers - Axis only on Turn 1; both sides on Turn 2)

French "Low Density" Blues in Ici c'est la France!

Brief strategy article written by Mark D. that explains the concept of "Troop Density" and examines how that level can have a big impact on French and FLN play in the early stages of the game. Ici c'est la France! was designed by Kim Kanger and published by Legion Wargames in 2009. Outstanding game!

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: Next War: Vietnam
Publisher: GMT Games
Series: Next War Series
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Mitchell Land

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 9
Date: 4/18/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Wednesday war days. ◇Next War :Vietnam

The Big Board takes The Next War: Vietnam published by GMT Games out for a spin and gives us their analysis of play.
Article ID: 8
Date: 2/21/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Next War: Vietnam, Play notes

The Big Board takes a look at the game mechanics and asset utilization in Next War: Vietnam published by GMT Games.
Article ID: 7
Date: 1/18/2021
Poster: Mark D.
Next War: Vietnam with Mitchell Land

Extended tutorial/playthrough of "Next War: Vietnam" with Kevin Sharp (Big Board Gaming) and Mitchell Land (game designer). For those who didn't catch the live broadcast...
Article ID: 6
Date: 1/15/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 5)

"The Allies had the initiative, and had a big decision to make." Ian Sullivan concludes his intense replay of GMT Games' Next War: Vietnam. It's a surprise finale when China goes with "…regime survival over principle."
Article ID: 5
Date: 1/8/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 4)

"...it was the Allies who had the initiative, and they certainly made it count." Ian Sullivan continues with turns 10 through 12 in his replay of GMT Games' Next War: Vietnam. In this increasingly intense conflict, a critical juncture is reached: "…the nuclear genie was let out of the bottle."
Article ID: 4
Date: 12/28/2020
Poster: Doug Holt
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 3)

"The Allies are getting stronger, but the Chinese have almost pounded Vietnam into submission." Ian Sullivan covers turns 7 through 9 in his replay of GMT Games' Next War: Vietnam. The action takes some interesting twists, with the indication that the "…battle is still up for grabs, but clearly will intensify in the next few turns."
Article ID: 3
Date: 12/23/2020
Poster: Doug Holt
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 2)

"A major gap exists right now in the Chinese lines, but the Allies do not quite have the combat power to exploit it." Ian Sullivan continues his replay of GMT Games' Next War: Vietnam, with lots of action! How are things going? "This fight may just be getting started."
Article ID: 2
Date: 12/21/2020
Poster: Doug Holt
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 1)

"The PLA then surged across the border in three separate columns, each pointing in the general direction of Hanoi." Ian Sullivan begins an intense play of GMT Games' Next War: Vietnam. How go the first results for the Chinese? "…their quick success has been stunning."
Article ID: 1
Date: 11/26/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Next War: Vietnam from GMT Games Preview

Next War: Vietnam from GMT Games is the 5th in Next War series of games covering potential future conflicts. Moe's Game Table takes a look at this latest offering.