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50 Reasons Card Driven Games Are Still Awesome

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Cards add randomization and tension." The folks at the WargameHQ blog reflect on why Card Driven Games (CDGs) still definitely matter! Maybe it's just because "…you have thought more about Kentucky than most states (if you don’t live or have business there) from a game."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 3/12/2018

Music at war through the ages.

Spotlight Article Graphic

A little old text but gave me the curiosity to search more about some orchestra pieces that were made through war times. Also on the website there is a lot of other interesting articles.

Poster: Yannick Stoneage
Post Date: 2/12/2018

The U.S. Navy Cannot Fight North Korea Alone

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How can the U.S. Navy destroy North Korea should Washington give the word? It can’t. Or at least it stands little chance of doing so by its lonesome barring improbable circumstances. Interesting article written by James Holmes for the "War is Boring" blog...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 1/25/2018

The better angels of our nature.

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Well, it was you Americans fighting each other. Why shouldn't we like it?" Prufrock has some contemplations after watching Ken Burns' Civil War during some recuperative downtime…

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/22/2018

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Fifth Corps: NATO Player Aid sheet (PDF)

NATO player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points, Tactical Nuclear Points and the locations of Hidden Static Territorial Units. Created by Mark D. for

Fifth Corps: Warsaw Pact Player Aid sheet (PDF)

Warsaw Pact player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points and Tactical Nuclear Points for the Warsaw Pact player. Created by Mark D. for

Perfect Opening - Axis Strategy for Leningrad '41

"Perfect"? We'll see about that... Mark D. pens a strategy article proposing a series of moves that the Axis player should make on the first Impulse of the July 1941 game turn. Whether the moves turn out to be perfect or not, Leningrad '41 is a fun and challenging game and is highly recommended for newbies and grognards alike.

Academy Games Announces a New Game!

Uwe Eickert, of Academy Games, announces a new game at the 2017 Origins Game Fair...

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Genesis: Military Variants

Military Variants for Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East

Genesis: Military Variants
by Chris Salander   *  26-Mar-2017


The biggest complaint about this game is that the different factions are too similar. This variant attempts to introduce some variations in the armies of each faction.

Assyrians - Siege Experts

Any time an enemy force includes a city when fighting against the Assyrians, any casualties the enemy suffers must first all be taken from the DS of the city until it is reduced to 0.

Egyptians - Light and Fast

Add 2 to all Egyptian movement die rolls.

Hittites - Heavy Chariots

Each chariot unit in the Hittite army is worth 1 BP more than the Hittite chariot technology level.

Mitanni - Chariot Experts

It costs the Mitanni only 8 silver to recruit a chariot unit and only 4 silver to raise a chariot unit.

Babylonian - Wealthy Effette Urbanites

The Babylonians may recruit mercenary infantry units at one silver for two infantry units in each town that they control on any turn, during the recruitment period. These mercenaries are not counted against the manpower limit and do not affect normal recruiting and raising of units. [Use the Elamite counters. If Elam becomes active, use number chits.] Any time a Babylonian force loses a battle, the mercenaries units in that location are removed (after casualties are taken). There are no mercenary chariots. Mercenary units must be maintained from turn to turn just like other infantry. If a force has more mercenary units in it than Babylonian units, it suffers a -2 shift in battle.

The Quick Death of the Mitanni

Often the Mitanni will be annihilated by the Hittites and Assyrians, usually in combination. Their chariot advantage and lack of a barbarian opponent does not help them because they can be wiped out early in the game. After much thought, I have concluded that:

  • The Mitanni should be neutral territory in all but 5 player games, and...
  • 5 player games, the Mitanni are prohibited from attacking any other player’s controlled and home spaces and other players are prohibited from attacking any Mitanni controlled and home spaces for the first two game turns.

Thanks to Chris Salander for sharing his variants.

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